Shipping and returns

Anintech ( offers the following shipping methods:

United States

  • Shipping, Shipping in 3-5 days, Shipping cost calculation by order weight

    0 lbs … 11 lbs   →   $35.00
    11 lbs … 22 lbs   →   $45.00
    22 lbs … 33 lbs   →   $59.00
    33 lbs … 50 lbs   →   $80.00
    50 lbs … 80 lbs   →   $160.00
    80 lbs … 120 lbs   →   $280.00
    120 lbs and up   →   $1,200.00


The material and equipment can be returned within 3 days after the date of receipt of the package.



How to make a return?

It is necessary to notify Anintech ( of your return request so that an executive can give you instructions on the address where you should send the material and/or equipment. The customer interested in the return must cover the shipping cost.




Once the equipment is received, Anintech ( will offer a period of 1 week to evaluate the state of the materials and/or equipment and determine a percentage of return charge taking as reference the amount paid for the item. , here an example:




Amount paid for the articles:


(minus) Return Fee

$900.00 (30%)

(same) Balance Favor




The credit balance can only be used to purchase other materials or equipment in our online store, since there are no refunds.




There is an automatic return charge of 30% plus an additional similar according to the classification of the merchandise, considering the following tabulation:




Tabulation of charge for return of merchandise.

Merchandise: NEW.


Conditions: The new product to be returned must be thoroughly reviewed to ensure that the next customer does not notice for any reason that the product was handled by another customer.


Return Fee: 30% of the Sale/Offer Price.




Merchandise: OPEN BOX / *A.


Conditions: Merchandise that has been used very lightly. Non-original box or packaging, used equipment for having been shown, tested, or simply programmed. Includes manual and installation accessories.


Return Fee: 40% of the Sale/Offer Price.




Merchandise *B:


It is published as: OPEN BOX / *B.


Conditions: Merchandise whose previous use is evident, but works correctly. It does not have an original box, but the user finds a product with the same characteristics, specifications of a new one. The scratches, scratches, are notorious to the naked eye. They include vital accessories.


Return Fee: 50% of the Sale/Offer Price



Merchandise: OPEN BOX / *C.


Conditions: Merchandise obviously damaged. Vital functions operate correctly. Non-vital functions may fail. It may have cracks, missing buttons. It contains limited vital accessories for its operation.


Return Fee: 70% of the Sale/Offer Price.




Merchandise: Decomposed or Damaged / For Spare Parts, Showroom and Dissuasive.


Conditions: Merchandise that does not work. It is completely electronically damaged merchandise, it does not present noticeable external physical damage, nor breaks, nor mends, but it is a presentable equipment for demonstration. Includes accessories for display only.


Return Fee: 90% of the Sale/Offer Price.




Merchandise: Decomposed and Mistreated Product.


Conditions: Non-functioning equipment, missing internal parts and obvious external physical damage, can be used to obtain spare parts, incomplete.


Return Fee: 90%- 100% of the Sale/Offer Price.


Bases for Return of Merchandise

No refund applies to sections of transmission lines and/or any type of cable.

There is no refund of wrong orders, licenses, software, personalized access cards, course material, personalized products and consultancies.

Consumables (such as batteries, ribbons, printing material.), their return is not accepted.

The return of special order merchandise and/or promotions does not apply.

The return of requested material does not apply without technical consultation from the staff of Anintech (
In the merchandise return process, only a credit note or balance in favor applies for future purchases.